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AOE, on CSE, is idiocy for anyone NOT doing solo-Kang-Guard duty.
hm. my Vesta deals 9k DPS usually with only AoE effects on in CSE, taking all the aggro. pls tell me what am I doing wrong. I take out two probes while the rest of the team takes out one, I kill incoming heavy torps (which are coming at me usually, so its not much of a help to team anyways, unless you count taking aggro useful), AoE is always higher DPS if there are more targets, and if you know how to use it, its better

Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post

RML only works with a good team specced the right way, who've got excellent communication between team members running the right builds, skills, and powers to pull it off.
I cannot imagine what "excellent" communication is needed in rml lol. you go in, blow cubes, one defends and blows probes on middle and left

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