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01-14-2013, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by xtremenoob1 View Post
I'd say the Marauder too since it was a S2 ship. Plus w/o it the KDF is somewhat gimped over the feds for healing. At least it's my opinion that the Marauder was the best healer KDF before all the hax lockbox ships.
I'm torn when it comes to the marauder. The marauder and the varanus are ships that move the KDF towards a carbon copy of the federation and dilute the original appeal of FvK pvp with its waiting for the first attack from cloak.

And I think hangar pets on the marauder would need to be banned if it was allowed.

Opinions on this?

(And the B'rel, which is also available with a VA token: not a problem when it's run as a regular escort-type ship, but as a cloaked healer or mine layer? Not sure that it's a good idea.)