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Earlier I thought I'd beam to New Romulus and just have a look around.
I recalled that early in the season New Romulus would occaisionally crash my game, but I figured , heck they've had a whole season ... couldn't still be happening right ?


tried beaming to new rom.

game didn't exactly crash.
It just freaking stopped.
Not froze.
It was suddenly no longer running.
No crash report.
Just game no longer running.

Now when i start the launcher and sign in , my "ENGAGE" button never highlights, the launcher hangs up at .... patching .....

How do I fix this ?
Anyone ?

Of note, able to log into Champions Online just fine.

So, yeah, once this gets fixed, i am permanently done with the crash /snooze fest that is the New Romulus fail of a season.

Sorry TaceFace, it's beautiful there. Too bad the designers and other people working on it couldn't make it so it doesn't crash and ruin peoples games.

Seriously, please anyone help here ?

EDIT : restart fixes everything. I always forget that part. thanks to the guys at SBUGC for reminding me of it

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