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01-14-2013, 08:23 AM
I posted this in another thread, but something I'd like to see is to make visitable locations like space stations and planets into duty officer hubs for entire regions. My example was that speaking to the Ferengi trader on Deep Space Nine would show all Trade missions for the Beta Ursae, Alpha Trianguli and Zeta Andromedae sectors in one convenient location. In addition there would be a bunch of extra missions for the location itself; for example Deep Space Nine would be a great location for engineering experience since it's always on the brink of falling to pieces. It would also make sense to add Task Force Omega assignments that can be retrieved from their shop (and the fleet rally point).

Similar treatment for other worlds and stations would help to make them much bigger social hubs by adding a bunch more stuff to do.

I'd also like to see duty officers gain some kind of experience mechanic; currently you can trade in duty officers to trade them up and while this is a convenient way to do so, it might be nice if we can treat them more as actual members of our crew with assignments for developing them under the appropriate category; for example you would improve engineering staff by doing special engineering assignments to earn them experience points. Either that or once you've accumulated enough duty officer experience a special assignment will appear that allows you to upgrade an officer. For example you might take five uncommon officers, and a success will result in one being upgraded to common, and a critical success might upgrade two of them. The same kind of thing would happen for fare and very rare but perhaps with smaller group sizes. The latter option would avoid the need to track experience for each officer individually.