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01-14-2013, 08:39 AM
Just for example, tactical as a captain, is not about getting the most out of your ships weapons. Just look at the captains abilities again and you'll see that isn't true.

Abilities/Powers or Things that have Names in The Game all follow a format for how they behave.

It's a very simple one. How they relate to each other is also very simple.

Tactical application of these abilities, is not. And that's where you're having this huge text generating monster coming loose on the forums. That can cause a bit of confusion.

As an aside and by way of example having a cruiser around with an engineer in it can be very handy. A cruiser can use minimal abilities to keep itself secure, leaving higher level abilites to buff or preserve the less sturdy members of the team. A tactical ship that wastes an attack on a cruiser leaves themselves wide open for a counterstrike as it is a simple truth that the best offense tac ship buffs are also thier best defensive ones. DO NOT bother yourself with getting into 'oh well b can nuc a and the c is totally ****ed so a is just garbage to have around'. It really doesnt lead to solid discussions on what works or doesn't. To many assumptions.

Something that does work is checking the number of boff/captain abilites that need to be run to make a ship it's most effective. Tacticals in escorts require the largest investment, engineers in cruisers require the fewest.

So there's a wide scope of discussion on tactics. But there isn't a wide scope of discussion on what abilites do or don't do. Those are defined. There is no "however you want to look at it".
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