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01-14-2013, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by mistressbenihime View Post
how does the omega graviton amplifier work exactly?

does it proc only on attacks that deal kinetic damage? or on all attacks types like phazers, tertion, anti-proton, etc.? is there some kind of catch to this?

by now i have reached tier V and i still cant decide what to chose for tier IV. it would help a lot if i knew exactly what i was choosing between. any advise on what to chose is welcome but i really need to know what the omega graviton amplifier does exactly before i can make my choice.
It does exactly what it says it does, 2.5% chance to deal(for my captain)751 kinetic damage on energy weapons and 5% chance to proc on torpedoes and mines damage. It is superior to choose over shield regen in every way now that crypic has nerfed shield rege- I mean, "fixed" their so called error.

Now, that's not to say it's totally useless. I still went with shield regen for my ENG because they can and do hold aggro if you spec into threat, but ENG is pretty much the only career where it is worth choosing shield regen over omega proc unless you're trying to tank on your SCI for some reason. I suppose there is PVP benefits to consider for all three careers but uh, eh... whatever. When you get down to it the only one who benefits greatly from omega is cannon users because it's still just a regular 2.5% proc rate so go from there with your choice. Shield regen is great if you are working on a shield regen set up, though. As small as it is, every bit helps. I'm at over 2k now with regen on my ENG with power to shields.