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01-14-2013, 08:50 AM
Alexindcobra and all the brave good guys who never complain or worse whine, but simply are protesting against a PvP too unbalanced in favor of the bad guys...
Fed comrades...friends...I'm agree with you with all my heart, but don't expect that the evul Klinguns feel guilty!
They are cruel and ruthless's their nature, you know...natural born killers!
The respawn killing is more easy because they have powerful and faster vessels, with better cloaks and energy drain capabilities.
Only a well organized cross healing fed ball can survive their terrific assault!
And the real and complete name of the House of Beautiful Orions is...well...add a "sucking" in the middle!
K D F - Killing Disadvantaged Feds
K D F - The evul way to play Sto

I salute Adm. Marcus, a real Starfleet hero! Thanks to his courage we Tac Feds now have an awesome Cruiser, the USS Avenger!