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# 1 How to Fly an Escort?
01-14-2013, 08:51 AM
It sounds like a silly question, but the truth is that I've gotten bored with my escort strategy in the various Borg STFs. Basically, I fly up to point blank range, grab whatever I'm attacking with Tractor Beam 2, pop all of my TAC buffs (CRF3/CRF1, HYT3/HYT1, APA3, APO1, GDF3, etc.), and just unload on the target until a) it dies or b) my combination of EPtS (I run two of them) and EngTeam2 fails to keep me above 50% hull at which point I pop JTS1 and EVM to break any tractor lock and get out of Dodge while I heal/recharge shields.

Overall, the strategy works: I do lots of damage (normally tops in DPS/total damage per STF), and if I'm careful/time it right, I can escape before getting clobbered by the Tac cubes, lance ships, etc.

The problem is that it's a dull way of fighting. There's little to no maneuvering going on - just a slow crawl forwards or backwards towards/away from the target as I keep my nose pointed dead ahead to maximize my DHCs and Quantum barrage. Sometimes I fly into the target and just gyrate back and forth while hitting it at point blank range. Sort of a bump-and-grind approach.

Again, a lame fighting style, but so far it works. However, I sometimes envy the cruisers with their "turn and burn" style of fighting, if for no other reason than it takes the heat off of any single shield facing. I suppose I could employ more of a "hit and run" style, zipping in and unloading before zipping back out of range. However, by doing so I rob whatever team I'm on of my full DPS potential, which can only be realized if I follow the aforementioned point blank squat-and-shoot technique.

So, how do others fly their escorts in PvE? Is there a better, more interesting approach that puts my base 16 turn rate to good use? Or am I relegated to the role of slightly-mobile gun platform where I keep popping buffs and hammering on the forward arrow key (to reinforce my forward shield)?

Note: Here's my ship build...

Fleet Patrol Escort
3 Piece Adapted Mark 12 MACO set (Shield/Eng/Def)
3x Mark 12 Borg AP DHCs + 1 Mark 12 Borg Quantum up front
2x Mark 12 Borg AP Turrets + 1 Cutting Beam in back
3x Mark 11 Neutronium + 1 Borg Assimilated Console in the eng slots
3x Mark 11 AP Mag Modules + 1 Mark 11 Quantum ZP module in the Tac slots
2x Mark 11 Field Gens in the Sci slots

Shield HP is running just under 14K and I generally outlast many cruisers during Hive Elite, etc.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

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