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So where do you guys get your law dagrees from?
I don't think anyone said anything about law degrees. All I have said is what I remember reading somewhere, and admittedly I am not too sure if I am remembering correctly.

I think the best way to address the issue is to say that if there was not a significant cost attached to it, or if it wasn't wrapped in a ton of corporate red tape to be able to do it, theyr would have the likenesses of every Star Trek actor whose characters make sense to have in the game...

DeForest Kelley's estate may not have minded his likeness being used. James Doohan's estate may have denied permission.

Every time an actor's likeness has appeared in a game or on a book cover, licensing and royalties likely applied and were folded into the budget. And another thing that we have to understand here is that CRYPTIC does not get the money from subscriptions or microtransactions. PWE does. Cryptic employess get paid a sallary that they signed a contract for. PWE will fire them rather than just cut their pay if profits are down. Most contracts have a termination clause in them, but if a contract is signed for a specific amount of income, then that is what they must pay, or be sued for breaking contract.

So Cryptic does not have this big budget for hiring actors and such. They would have to petition PWE for the fund, and PWE would have to weigh the costs vs profit probabilities before granting it. That my friends is why we do not have the likenesses of many Trek actors in STO...
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