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01-14-2013, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
Arena snobs are teh lawlz.
That's a thing now? /sadface

I gotta find some kind of snob to be. Maybe a doffsnob? No, I'm not at max tier at much of anything. Oh, Academy Event snob! Yeah that'll be me.

Y'all learn a thing or two about scanning particle traces in the current environment before you talk about game mechanics, you hear?

Anyway, I think it sucks that a potentially good debate is being lost because people are focusing on the playstyle, cap n splode, or their inability to see through the snark.

What if defense came from sources other than movement?

What if there was a chance, maybe in addition to complete avoidance, to reduce the magnitude of damage? You could have the chance at complete avoidance be small with a chance to reduce damage by some amount be a second roll with a higher chance.

Spikes get blunted, damage reduction comes from somewhere other than straight resists, maybe we can start talking about reducing the effectiveness of yo-yo healing...

Or is this even a problem? Is everybody cool with massive spike damage v. massive resists/healing? Is anybody even interested in a game where it's harder to kill and harder to heal?

Or do we want to keep on with alpha's insta-popping un-buffed targets and failing against buffed ones, and coordinated teams waiting for a healer to get something on cooldown so they can spike someone down?