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01-14-2013, 10:44 AM
Honestly, when it comes to content and UGC stuff, grind etc. I just take a step back and shake my head at how much the ball was kind of dropped from the beginning not just with the KDF but with the whole premise of the game. I mean this was a golden opportunity to do something interesting and unique to the MMO genre.

We all know Star Trek fans are a unique and numerable group of people, and when this thing released (early and well before it should have IMO) there hadn't been a series on the air for what? Five years? With as rabid and dedicated a fan base as Trek has that was the shot they missed to release a game that could've been a new "series" for Star Trek that gave a Trek fan the unique position to actually be part of it all. I'd pay a sub even still for that kind of experience.

The story had such a good premise to begin with too, following the Fed missions, the state of the galaxy it was like DS9 all over again with different factions playing the roles. Instead here we sit almost three years into the game and its STILL Year One in the story. Virtually nothing has been added in that time except busy work, meaningless grind, and the ability to "do it yourself" with Foundry. Just unfortunate all the way around because the potential was there for unique experiences between factions. Why don't the KDF focus on their witch hunt for Undine infiltrators? An undertaking like that could have a task force, and all kinds of war mongering/aggressive infiltration missions as the KDF scoured both the Empire and other powers for the lurking infiltrators. The Fed story I think was great as is, set the stage for the Undine to unravel and gave us a peek at the real Big Bad but Klingons are nothing if not single minded in certain pursuits.

Just a shame nothing was ever done to follow that and more attention hasn't been given to pushing forward galactic events than giving us busy work.