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01-14-2013, 09:59 AM
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Well, to be fair, if they did as you suggest, they'd have to re-write existing mission content - whiich really does get them much of an ROI. I think they've done okay introducing new characters (like the captain and crew of the Enterprise-F; Admiral Quinn, Akira Sulu, etc.)

Hell, in the 47 year history of Star Trek, we've had plenty of 'one off bigshots' introduced (that were either large Federation historical figures, or role models for many of the cast characters) - who got an episode or a few lines of dialogue devoted to their exploits - but after that, we never heard of them again in most cases.
But part of the problem of this games characters is that most are either characters from DS9, Voyager or TNG or are the "great-great somethings" of a character. Akira Sulu is a perfect example of that. They need to be creative and make their own (and likable) characters