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01-14-2013, 10:44 AM
It won't be a dreadnought. It's also very unlikely to be an entirely new design, like an escort carrier.

The most likely combination is Jem'hadar battlecruiser and heavy escort. The heavy escort would have to be Chel Grett-ish, only better, if only because it must be slower and tougher than the attack ship. The battlecruiser would just be a cruiser, probably with an interesting console so that people would open it to use the console on the other ship.

They might even put in the attack ship, though that would mean they'd have to create a new ultra-rare ship to give out once in a blue moon. There's also some non-zero chance of there being a Breen ship in the lobi store, if only because they said the Chel Grett's Energy Dissipator console would fit on "any Breen ship."

And there will probably be:
* Mirror universe versions of the Patrol Escort and Advanced Escort, plus some Klingon ship
* Phased Polaron weapons with stats exactly as you'd expect
* Some new pair of cross-faction consoles for the KDF fanboys to complain about
* A Mk XII Jem'hadar space and/or ground set in the lobi store, possibly requiring the old set(s) to buy
* That Jem'hadar poking stick that's nowhere near as cool as the crystal sword or energy whip
* Some Dominion costume pieces that everyone says are too expensive, but buy them anyway
* Some bonus pool item that hopefully won't be for Romulan or Omega marks, because that would suck
* The same doff mini-packs that all lockboxes have (standard & gamma quadrant)
* Maybe some unique doffs in a requisition pack and/or some trinket that lets you do an assignment that will give a unique doff on crit