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Originally Posted by pacemakers31 View Post
I can't seem to beam to Memory Alpha. I have the sample, the scientific mandate mission and I still can't do it. A little help please.
I'm going to go from the top just to be safe:

1. From earth space dock beam to your ship
2. from your ship exit to sector space
3. on the map (hit M) at the north of the sector is an up arrow to alpha centauri, double click that and it will ask if you want to autopilot there. Say yes.
4. warp to alpha centauri
5. on the map (hit m again) memory alpha is in the top left corner, double click it and autopilot there again.
6. when you're close enough a popup asks you to enter the system, do this
7. once you enter the system you'll see the planet straight ahead with all the domes. Go to full impulse
8. When you're close to the planet a popup appears that invites you to beam down to memory alpha.

Also, you might want to stop by the bar at starbase academy and buy one bajoran joomja stick before you leave. There's a mission at Memory Alpha that needs one to complete it and you can buy it for 20ec at the bar or stupidly high prices on the auction house.