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01-14-2013, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by lancemeszaros View Post
Any mission that requires you to be in your shuttle will automatically transfer you to it without you having to do anything else. Just fly to the mission system in your regular ship. I'm assuming you're referring to Operation Gamma. Just fly to DS9 in your main ship and click to begin the mission, and it will automatically warp you into DS9 in your shuttle without you having to do anything else.
One important note here. there will be two options when you get to deep space 9. One takes you to the mission, one takes you to the station. Be sure you choose the one that starts the mission.

It's obvious because like Lance mentioned is says "begin operation gamma".

Still, I've seen some people who are so used to seeing bajor and DS9 at the same time, they ignored the second button and kept going to the normal DS9 and couldn't find the mission. So I figure, might be worth mentioning.