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# 1 PvP Red Alerts
01-14-2013, 11:21 AM
There was talk before about open PvP zones. I was wondering if we could get a Red Alert style.

What I would enjoy seeing is PvP scenarios like those RA Borg attacks only instead of fighting the Borg you engage other players. The scenario is that a freighter train is under attack and your job is to defend it.

The freighter should fly around the zone and be influenced by the team that keeps the most ships within 7k around it like a C&H map objective. This will allow for same faction PvP matches.

Goals are to "defend/influence" the freighter for it to dock at your base. The freighter will start at the middle. Teams would warp in at a fleet star base on either side of the map. Teams would fly to the freighter as it circles the center of the map. The freighter must have one ship to influence escort it toward its base. The freighter will shift sides quickly or go nuetral based on the number of ships in the 7k range.

Getting the freighter to dock at your base wins you the match.