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Considering the fact that the K'Vort was basically an oversized B'Rel, introducing it into the game would be kind of confusing. I wouldn't be surprised if Cryptic just made something of a K'Vort refit, that has the Yesterday's Enterprise's KDF ship silhouette, but the overall design is brand new for the game (like what they're supposedly doing with Andorian ship).

In any case, it's gonna be a battlecruiser - less HP than Ambassador, but with cloak and dual cannons.
Ah, well...another to tack on the list of "Ships I won't spend money on."

seriously, we have QUITE a sufficient number of Cruisers relative to other classes. almost it makes me wonder if the Devs just can't remember how to code anything BUT "yet another cruiser"-at least, for ships that can cloak, or maybe just wonder if this is another "beads, whiskey, and polio Blankets" clone-the-fed-content half-assing.
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