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Originally Posted by edalgo View Post
Yes it is Cryptics job to balance the game that we pay for but as an avid PvPer I would also like to have some fun in the meantime. We've been waiting for balance since Season 3 and 4. Now some of us are adults and can compromise on certain things but there are others who only want their way and act completely juvenile to try and get it.

It is especially difficult to get concensus on anything for PvP. I hope the devs are listening when i say they need to chose a direction for PvP and just take us there. There will always be whiners but it's time to pony up and make some tough choices.

I pray this will lead to balance and a more enjoyable gaming experience than I already have.
Unfortunately I'm not as optimistic as you. I once was, but that time is long gone.

In fact, I think the game is almost completely unplayable from a fun perspective when it comes to unrestricted (premade) pvp right now.

Some of this games all time best players refuse to open the game anymore unless there's a possibility for restricted pvp games.

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