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01-14-2013, 12:14 PM
Ok, ok, I started this thread, time to chime back in!
For any Dev's that read this..

There are some hints in the posts of this thread... If you want to get the KDF players less hostile.. (and yes, it has toned down in recent months..mostly because far to many old guard posters ars, and have just given up and gone somewhere else to play)

Recommended: Screen shots, tweet leaks.. TALK TO US! Get into the KDF forums and mend some fences. Show us that there is some real care and concern. Get a DIALOG going with your KDF player base.

We care, or we wouldn't still be here after 3 years..PROVE to us its not hype and as has been said, cheap rotgut, and polio infected blankets etc..


For those of you more recent to the forums, I am one of the old guard. When the decision was made to merge the STO forums into the perfect world forums, and force account merges a bunch of wed old guard KDF types basicly got well... screwed. Some posters didn't have any issues, but many of us did. If you want to read some examples of hull chewing vituberance do a forum search for posts by the user "Khemaraa_Iron_Hand_KBF"
which was my old forum name/handle/login. I have been around much like the inestimable "Roach" since the before the game launched and was dedicated since day one to being a Klingon faction player. At one point I deleted all of my Federation characters during one of the earlier KDF "Protests" at the time that Daniel STahl made a very unwise, unkind, and terrible foot in mouth statement about KDF players only making up 18% of the player base so what was the point of doing development.

To say the we the KDF focused players were less then...ummm.. "pleased" with the statement of the EP at time would be a gargantuan understatement. It was pretty obvious to us at the time that if there had been more KDF content there would have been a great many more KDF players. I know I watched my own fleet esentially shed 3 out of every 4 players over the course of a year. Most of the rest of the KDF player fleets didn't fare to much better. When PvP play was opened to same faction PvP it seriously hurt KDF numbers (at the time PvP made up pretty much all of the draw to KDF if you wern't alreay a faction fan from before launch)

To put it in a nutshell, most of the cause of KDF faction numbers being low lay with decisions made by Cryptic studios. And a year plus ago we KDF fan made a very strong point to remind the studio of where the cause lay. For the record no developer or officer of Cryptic has ever maned up and said "yes, it is our fault" accept for one.. and he shortly there after left the employ of Cryptic. No reasons were ever stated publicly, though a few rumors have floated around from time to time.

SO today the Klingon empire is essentially have a faction compared to the federation side.

Those of us still hanging in here are relitivly certain that once the non existant core KDF content is finally added to the game that KDF numbers will start climbing..fairly rapidly.. (face it, playing the bad guy faction is FUN!). Now KDF numbers will never eaqual Fed faction numbers, but there is no reason that KDF faction number cannot make up 30-40% of the player base.... IF THE MISSION CONTENT IS THERE!

And it really is the mission content that is the most important part. Ships are nice and good and well, costumes and uniforms ditto. One KDF numbers start climbing then there is an opportunity to create PvP faction content that can really make STO a true MMO contender (ie, fed-klingon war, with persistant battlezones of grand sweep..more wargame like..with rewards that actually matter..and areas where the kid gloves are off. You enter the faction PvP zone then your there to fight until you either drop,flee, or achive/fail objectives.)

STO can be all of the things Trek fans want. from the explore the galaxy/boldly go crowd to the empire builders, to the arena fighters. But the games "Foundation" needs to be finished.

Other may disagree, but my opinion has been and still is the STO is still only 2/3 of an MMO. It will not be a full MMO untill the KDF mission content and beginning experience is in game. Once that is there STO will be ready to advance into ground only the smallest handfull of MMO's have touched. Those MMO's are World of ********, EVE online, ****, Guildwars-2 and short list of others that have stepped into full on objective driven factional warfare. Note that the MMO's listed are rather successfull, with only **** being of those named the "least" successfull.. (Tell it to the **** players.. They're insanely loyal to thier game even if it is flooded with RMT's... who wouldn't be there if there wasn't a customer base)

Anyway.. let me end this wall of text. We KDF know what our faction wants and needs. I'm hoping that as STO goes into its 4th year this faction will finally recieve its long long LOOOOONG overdue content.

Khemaraa send
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