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01-14-2013, 12:45 PM
Originally Posted by avantgarde01 View Post
I'm thinking that the 2 Dominion ships will have an Engineer and Science slant. Engineer for the battleship and science for the heavy escort. I think Sci for the heavy escort because of the two powers it frequently uses: tractor beam and charged particle burst. There is already an existing Dominion ship for tactical officers.

Just my speculation.
My tac needs a new shiny ship so, I'm hoping you are wrong but it's nothing personal; I just want a new escort.

Edit: Actually, upon further consideration I recant that, a slant towards science skills would actually be quite nice.

Nevermind getting details on the Cardassian lockbox though, what I really want to see is that dilithium article re-posted.

Wish granted...Thank you, Cryptic.

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