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01-14-2013, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Until Cryptic builds in functionality that lets a person set up a private arena/scenario with optional rules/restrictions, this is completely subjective and on the honor system. Until Cryptic builds in a functional tournament system with ranks and a leaderboard, the whole idea is pretty much meaningless. In my opinion.

When you can actually apply optional rules to a PvP scenario, then tournament restrictions will be meaningful, enforceable, and non-negotiable. Rules like "Sudden_Death" (No respawn), "Disable_Placate/Confuse", "Disable_C-Store_Consoles", "Escorts_Only", "VA_Only", "No_Lockbox_Ships", and more.

Better yet, a "Tournament Mode" that automatically applies a set of standard rules to a PvP scenario and puts everybody on a "level" playing field automatically.

In that scenario, there's nothing stopping you from equipping "cheese" except for the fact that it's disabled and you're gimping yourself by doing it.
This is what exactly happens in other games like Wow. It would be easy to implement with the structure of the game BUT it would take a mission statement from STO to do it. I dont tihnk STO is a pvp game. I think its has PVP in it but just doesnt have the staffing (I suspect) to make it a full time job.