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Originally Posted by natejam101 View Post
LOL i chuckled at this response. Some people do not get it, please dont listen to this response.

My tactical captain flies the Fleet Tac escort. I run 125 weapon power, and all cannons up front and 3 turrets on back.

I use a Rapid Fire 1 and 3, Scatter Volley 2 and 2 Tactical Teams and Directed Energy Modulation 1.

I am going to disagree that there is no difference. I used to use a torpedo (quantum) up front instead of 4 cannons but I quickly learned how much more DPS I was actually doing when I began using parser. You have to look at this way..With all cannons and the right power level, you will ALWAYS have weapons hitting target, 7 weapons on an escort. That 4th cannon is always firing, always doing damage to target. That torpedo is not, that torpedo only does damage when it is not on cooldown, when the abilities to buff that torpedo are not on cooldown. With a cannon, it does not need to be buffed by a BOFF in order to continue sustained DPS. Shield will drop quickly and you will see good numbers from an all cannon/turret build.

If you think your power levels will tank, your wrong. If you still believe they will , get yourself an emergency Power to weapons ability rank 1 and use that , but from my experience, its not required and my power levels never drop below 70 at the lowest will rapid fire or scatter volley up.

Torpedo's are great for cruisers/sci ships and some slower moving escorts sure, but for the most part, all cannons/turrets are great and there is a difference.

I use the Phaser Quad Cannons, 2x Fleet dual heavy phaser cannons and 1x Fleet phaser dual cannons, with 3 fleet turrets on back and been happy ever since i dropped that worthless torpedo. My bonus accuracy is above 35%, I have the Targeting systems skill maxed out, and all my weapons have CritD and CritC modifiers and I VERY rarely miss the target when in PVE setting. I do not PVP with this build, so im not going to say it works for that., but for PVE (STF, SOLO) its amazing...try it out, and watch shields and hulls melt.

Also, pick up some points into electro-plasma systems and your power levels recharge much quicker. The people on this forum saying that it negatively effects power levels have a crap build and need to re work it in order for this to be more effective..I think most people are stuck in the old days when everyone used torpedo's and tac consoles did not stack. Try it for yourself, only way to really see the numbers. Good day
Ah the foolishness of youth. You're whining about torpedoes being sub- par, yet you're not backing them with anything. Not to mention the hugely inefficient boff slotting you're advocating. And do you really think that points into EPS will help your dps?

Oh and the recommending DCs is adorable.

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