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01-14-2013, 02:43 PM
no built in player abilities? there wouldn't be captain types then

as a fan of tacs an all sorts of things, because of what they can bring to each ship type, im afraid i am completely against this. there is a great deal of fun and synergy to be had when not patching ship type and captain type. i don't think its silly that escorts can subnuk if their captain is a scientist, or that a cruiser can use APA when the captain is a tac officer. this game is all about you being a superhero/captain, so your captain making that big of a difference is par for the course.

instead of throwing that all out, its the under performing captain that needs fixing. when every captain type has useful synergy in every ship type things will be fixed. i think captains should stay a unique type, and bring their specialty with them.
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