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# 18 read carefully
01-14-2013, 01:57 PM
before this ends up into a 13 in a dosign thread...

when it comes to hosting a special event with rules like for example

old skool classics

no lockbox ships
no p2w consoles

etc etc

for those who sign up is expected that they obey these rules...

if not they will prolly be excluded/disqualified

how hard can that be to grasp?

we need to show cryptic that the player base can do this on their own first...

they got a slap on the finger coz they took a chance with this cancelled tourney

its up to us to show branflakes and the devs that there in fact are still enough people willing to set this up

and yeah offcourse u can whine and burn others for their posted opinions and see demons and devils in everything

why dont we just stop draggin the piss out this kind of suggestions and just for once make the best out of it ????

Goshia/Miss D'Meanor/Mass

apologies in advance for my bad spelling but im dutch so i dont care muhahaha

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