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01-14-2013, 03:39 PM
One thing I'd like to see is a bonus to a ships primary purpose. A Cruiser puts out stronger heals, science ships have stronger crowd control, and escorts have stronger tactical skills. Engineering Team might do 8k hull heal, but the same ET would only heal 6k from a Science ship and 4k from an Escort. Sure, this is already the case based on bridge officer slots, console slots, and the like but I'm thinking more like each ship would come with an innate bonus to certain areas of the skill tree.

For example, a pure science ship like the intrepid would have +18 to every skill in the skill tree just by virtue of equipping that ship. It would make science captains that much stronger for min/maxing or they could be more well rounded by virtue of having all those free skill points to put in other areas. For an Assault Cruiser, they'd get something like an innate +18 to parts of the Engineering skill tree as well as portions of the Tactical skill tree.

Also, do away with the innate power bonus that is distinct to each ship type (Escorts +15 to Weapons, Science +15 to Aux). Innate power bonus should be to Cruisers alone, they should have a higher power level potential, and more efficient usage from power enhancing abilities (like batteries, EPtx, EPS, and so on).

I don't suspect any of this would go over particularly well as a complete revamp would obviously be required. But maybe some of this stuff could be used to make better, more interesting distinctions between new ships. There are only so many new ways to do things based on bridge officer and console slots.
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