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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
it might not be defense thats the problem here. more likely its resistance, with a small amount of hit points to work with, and heals capable of fully restoring those hitpoints fairly easily. in most matches your likely to receive enough damage to kill you 100-1000 times over, and thanks to resistance and the output of healing you can mitigate it as fast as its received.

picture this, damage unchanged, resistance cut in half, hit points doubled, healing magnitude unchanged, possible changes to what gives you your defense score.

everyone would have much more spike soak, but most likely they wouldn't be able to out heal damage as easily. zombies wouldn't exist, eventually you would die, you couldn't out heal the damage. no more yoyo. team healing would be the only thing that could keep up with damage then, but damage would take quite a wile to actually kill you.

resistance makes heals give twice their benefit. damage you don't take is damage you dont have to heal. same will a miss. so without changing their magnitude, just changing how much damage shot at you that just goes away, healing's effectiveness is reduced, without making it easier, or even faster to kill someone. even the most insta kill ships couldn't 1 shot, but all that damage would be very hard to recover from, and your time till eventual death, with out a lot of help, is much less.

That would help yes but it would also likely leave buffing bonus defense as the optimum way to stay alive. It would also lead to speedy ships running getting away more often.

This is why defense gets messy. Lets say you have 10k shield capacity. Lets say you have 50% resists that makes your 10k shield become 20k shield.

But lets say 20% of attacks miss you thanks to your AOP being up. Without shield resists that would give you 12k capacity normally. But with that and shield resist you now have 25k effective shield.

Things that stack manipulatively tend to get wonky.