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01-14-2013, 03:24 PM
personally i like thissler's idea, but what does it matter?...the game is what it is, changes of this magnitude will never even be considered...if i had to design sto i would do so many things differently, but i'm not in charge and not capable of making any changes to the game, and so is nobody else on this forum.

*not even tribble test feedback is taken into account by the devs, why should anything else be?

i'm going to save my time and brain cells for something else, player input and feedback is not even remotely valued in sto. I'm not saying that the devs arent willing to, it's just either the communication between player base and dev team is severly lacking or they got a master plan already from which they cannot move away.

@thissler: just don't make this another "arguing with trollvax thread" be the adult and stop answering him, otherwise before you know it you will circle around the same issue for 20 pages.
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