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Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
The Temporal Destroyer is one of the best ships in the game. It can't burst quite as a high as a Jem'Hadar Attack ship or Fleet Defiant
well u just said it. its not quite as good.
and not being quite as good, doesnt convince me to get a temporal destroyer.

any ship currently i would only get for the "looks" but waiting seems the better option to me right now.
the ships i got, handle the job quite nice.

u can have 2 billion ec, if u unlock at the cstore the energy credit limit.
u can make 100 mil ec, if u doff and grind ground/space queues and tour the universe or so, or simply farm stuff
(you may notice i only got 1 c store ship.)
Romeo - Engineer D'Kora / Leia - Science Charal
Sirius - Tactical Kumari / Hatschy - Tactical Scimitar
lil - Engineer Corvette / Dark - Tactical Guramba

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