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01-14-2013, 04:51 PM
I'd been wondering when they were going to add it - but it's been added.

Is the immunity not a shared immunity? I've mainly been doing the die 25's lately, so I haven't really been paying attention even while also doing the kill 10' far as if I've picked up the plac immunity buff.

I have noticed placs happening faster than 12 seconds (AtS is 15s, so it works pretty well for keeping track of time in 15s chunks).

They crit you - chance to Plac you.
You crit them - chance to Plac you.
You hit them - chance to Plac you.

But is it really always a case of it being a Plac?

Is the Entertainer DOFF doing anything? Did they do anything to the Entertainer DOFF?

I don't know, just seems like it's more than just the PlacOnCrit going on with how often target's disappear faster than 12s...
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