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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
...Tis better to leave the angst out of it, continue to express our desires, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.
While I do play mostly Fed-Side, I love playing on my KDF toons. And would do so more if there was more to do (that wasn't PvP, alas, I'm not a PvP fan). I've watched the way the KDF have been treated over the years, I've experieced all the things listed on PF's History, etc. But mostly I feel as posted above... Hope for the best...

Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
...If I recall correctly only the Nausicans have no "recial" uniforms...
Khemaraa, the Nausicans have those "razor blade armor" pieces and the breathing-apparatus-face-mask-thingies. It's the Letheans who have no racial uniforms.

When XP earnings during a Double-XP Weekend still feel like I'm underperforming,
there's something terribly wrong with the reward system...

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