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01-14-2013, 06:35 PM
I am really tired of STO crashing and crashing my machine (not counting the thousands of time's it crashed just the video driver.) I have lost hundreds of millions of EC, hundreds of thousands of dilithium and thousands of omega & fleet marks.

I tried to get help from PWE's "Customer Service" and they just close the case. I'd even be willing to run debug code on the machines having problems (one laptop with Intel GPU (integrated in the P6100 CPU) and another machine with dedicated ATI (dual) GPU with 2GB VRAM.....) but of course, no response.
Well your issue seems to be much more pronounced them mine. It looks like we share almost the same system. Not sure if we do in fact though. However..Have you been on Tribble? Holodeck still has the bug on it, but I tried out Tribble and they seem to have fixed the problem. That fix should go live this week. I hope it does! Not having detailed specs of your machine it is hard to know if your system is compatible or not. It should be.

It is specifically about Intel machines that are not running the game properly. DarthPanda16 has his head on straight and should be able to advise you better then I. However I did post earlier in this thread a link to the model of the laptop I am using to play this game with. You can check that out as well. That should show whether or not it is a compatibility issue or not. Which I doubt it is.