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Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
ahh, you must mean us poor demented... nut cases who just utterly refuse to go away.

It's not like theres anything else to do other then glue a lobster on our head, whip out a fancy shmancy costume and go to a convention...

oh.. right, while I'm at it.. MYTHBUSTING TIME.

"Klingon Trek fans never spend any money"

next time you hear this one my non special effect challenged brothers and sister, calmly look the the federation trek fan in the eye wearing thier mostly like mail order trek uniform and smile politly, showing the $100 to $300 dental device that gives your proper Klingon teeth, as you stand there in your custom made klingon uniform with a minimum value considering time and materials of not less then say $400-$700, with your carefully applied prosthetic pieces to give you the ridged forhead look, not to mention hair, jewelry, weapon mockups, accessories, and several hours prepping the custume and yourself before the con which likely amounts to over $500, for a total value of anywhere between $300 (super on the cheap) to upwards of $3,000 worth of costume.

................ sigh plesantly.. and say "Fellow Trek fan...the costume and gear I wear set me back about "X" (be truthfull..its that honor thing) and very little of it cam eout of a catalog. It take me "X" amount of time to get into costume each day of the con and quite frankly I consider myself far more trek then YOU, you cheap worthless tribble treker, now get the hell out of my path.

You'll feel much better..and if the morons still don't get it.. use the tops of thier feet for a stepping stone..make sure your largest buddy is pressed against you when you do...thay way the physics of the moment come into play so when the feddy shoves you, all they do is manage to push them selves looks very impressive..a holy man once said to me the secret of walking on water is knowing where the rocks are.. oh.. and be sure to get it on cam for posting on you tube..some carefull post editting and it'll look like the shoved on you and simply bounced.. whats more.. they'll belive that thats the way it really was when they see the video..

Of course I'm sneaky, clever, and deceptive in the pursuit of victory. I'm a KLINGON!

Moral of the story is this.
If you want your Klingon Trek fans to buy your over priced crap, then you better have some over priced crap they're interested in or it ain't gonna happen. Put a Klingon Sci ship in, not KDF, Klingon. Put off duty cloathing for the KDF faction in., Allow it to be mixed with existing uniform wear. We've been asking for that also. thats cloathing for ALL KDF faction races...and we'll buy it. Allow us to use bits and pieces of faction armor unlocks with our Uniforms and vice verse. Do More Things To Make The Faction More Atrractive To Players. And tell the Feddy player base that this little special is exclusive to the KDF, and considering just how much the fed players have its only fair.. and toss the feds a beach wear package...(note) beach wear will not show if worn with armor...if they want to wear beach shorts and an aloha shirt on an away mission then they get to do it without armor, shield, or kit equipped.

I spent a bunch of money for cryptic points and bought feddy stuff because Cryptic said KDF players didn't spend money. Instead of putting more KDF costumes and such in the C-store they put fed stuff in. And that is why I will never spend my own money to buy Zen again untill the situation is rectified on thier end.

Khemaraa sends
If I was to outfit myself to look like G'hargh from STO ( with proper hair and beard) I would have to sink more than 3k into the look. Hardly chump change for leather costume pieces and the proper accessories, but worth it to follow ones fandom desires.

I agree, we KDF do not spend frivolously but when we do we do with gusto.

I would the same in STO for the right "accessories".
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