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Originally Posted by xgorillapx View Post
I'd be happy to help anyone I can. (sorry it took a while to respond, I didn't know this had become more active as of late.)

In regards to applying this to a cruiser, a cruiser would be setup somewhat differently considering its slow turn rate. In such a case, dual cannons may not be appropriate as their firingt arc is only 45 degrees. You will spend far less time in that 45-[degree sweet spot then say an escort would. I would be happy to put together something with my recommendations though.
Hey thanks for the reply,

I've been running your build as a Klingon Engineer using a bird-of-prey variety. The PC Eng. shield buff skills help with survivability, although I sacrifice APA as a result of not being a Tac. Right now, I'm working on adapting the build to the Lifetime Subscriber Chimera ship, but I'm not quite there yet on my Fed Eng.