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Originally Posted by theroyalfamily View Post

For one, it has nothing to do with the Prime Directive.

Second, Cardassia does have a planetary government. There are always going to be different factions and political parties, but the Feds only care that they are dealing with the representatives of a whole planet, and not a bunch of different countries; or that the planet is on the tipping point of a big civil war. Cardassia, as a planet, does qualify for Federation membership.

The Cardassian Empire, on the other hand, is a different situation. Really, the Feds would probably accept any and all planets of the Cardassian Empire, should things get really bad between the legitimate Cardassian government and the True Way, just like they do with the different Romulan planets after that Empire goes down.

But really, the True Way are a bunch of raiders, not even a legitimate rebellion. They are only a big deal because they have a bunch of experienced Cardassian soldiers, and what's left of the Alpha Jem Hadar. They wouldn't be a threat at all if a)Cardassia still had an effective military of any kind, or b)Starfleet wasn't fighting two major wars.
the Terran Empire seems to hate them too.. cant remember the mission name.. but the terran ship decloaks then destroys the spoon head ship for failing its task.