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01-14-2013, 06:37 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
I'd been wondering when they were going to add it - but it's been added.

Is the immunity not a shared immunity? I've mainly been doing the die 25's lately, so I haven't really been paying attention even while also doing the kill 10' far as if I've picked up the plac immunity buff.

I have noticed placs happening faster than 12 seconds (AtS is 15s, so it works pretty well for keeping track of time in 15s chunks).

They crit you - chance to Plac you.
You crit them - chance to Plac you.
You hit them - chance to Plac you.

But is it really always a case of it being a Plac?

Is the Entertainer DOFF doing anything? Did they do anything to the Entertainer DOFF?

I don't know, just seems like it's more than just the PlacOnCrit going on with how often target's disappear faster than 12s...
If there is a immunity buff it isn't working. I PvPed against one of my fleetmates with the passive last night, fleet patrol escort against an escort carrier. He had the placate proc and I had the shield heal proc. It was a good match, apart from the fact that I couldn't keep a target lock on him for more than 3 seconds when he was shooting at me.

Just today I came across two matches where players had the placate proc. The first was against a fleet tactical escort retrofit and the second was against a KDF Bird of Prey. The first fight against the defiant was hell. A full cannon build, elite fleet shields (with that awful adapt proc scheduled for a fix this Thursday), and on top of that I couldn't keep a target lock due to the romulan proc.

The second match was even worse fighting a DPB III Tricobalt bombing Bird of Prey with full DHC fore. That ship had Jam Sensors and Scramble sensors, the KHG Shield, and the Romalan tier IV placate proc. As if killing a bird of prey wasn't hard enough with that battle cloak. I had science team to clear the sensor debuffs, but there was nothing I could do to stop the second half. If I attacked the Bird of Prey I would trigger the shield, and if I let the Bird of Prey attack me, I would get hit with the passive.

It's come to a point where fighting ships with the passive isn't all that enjoyable. I don't mind losing to players with more skill than I, but at the very least I want to go down fighting. I don't want to sit there while an essentially cloaked enemy attacks with impunity. There needs to be an immunity to the proc, and if there is one already, it needs to have it's duration tripped.