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01-14-2013, 07:03 PM
A buff? I don't think a buff is needed. If you want a stronger engineering team spec in hull repair and pick up some cheap blue Mk XII SIF Generators off of the exchange. If you run 2x Maintenance engineers with engineering team III that is 14k hull every 15 seconds. Healing roughly 1/4 of your ship's hull every 15 seconds is something I would consider to be quite significant.

And as for elite STFs, do you want to know the secret to killing borg cubes fast as a cruiser? What you do is you fly up to a borg cube and position broadside with tactical team up full time. Then wait for the heavy plasma torpedo (and hurry to get the facing borg shield down). When the torpedo is incoming, slam brace for impact. Pop emergency power to shields III and wait for the next torp. This time slam Aux to Dampers I and then emergency power to shields I, hazard emitters I, and transfer shield strength II. Wait for the third torp before slamming brace for impact, then Emergency Power to Shields III and Aux to SIF III. At this point the cube is either dead or very close to it. I run a Mk XII Resilient Shield Array [Pla] [Cap] [Reg] on an undergeared assault cruiser and I am able to tank a borg cube indefinitely. It also works on tactical cubes assuming you are careful. You can also do a similar tactic with an escort. Attack Pattern Alpha Omega III, Beam Overload III, Omega Gravitic Anchor, High Yield III for the aggro. Brace for impact because the cube is about to attack. Torpedo strikes while Gravitic Anchor is still up and the cube finishes itself off. Do all of that in about 5 seconds and the cube will be dead.

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