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# 1 Dominion Wars!
01-14-2013, 07:22 PM
THATS RIGHT! the same guy that brought to you TOS wars is now bringing to you DOMINION wars!

Sunday, January the 20th at 1pm est.
matches will go as they are filled.

up to 10 per side if we get enough players.

the idea is to have FUN!


The dominion can only use the following ships-

breen ship
jem ship
cardassian ship.

the weapons-

breen and jem can ONLY use polarons and the dominion palarons.

the cardy can ONLY use phasers and the spiral disruptors. all may use photon and quantum torps.


the fed/klingon alliance can use the following- (fleet versions are alllowed)

akira (no pets),
soverign, (mirror version is allowed)
miranda (if you seriously have a death wish)
promethius without the multivector assault mode console
saber fleet ship thingy.

b'rel retrofit

the feds MUST use phasers and the klingons MUST use distruptors. both may only use photon and quantum torps.

additional rules-
the only console allowed for the dominion is the breen enegry disapator console.
the only console allowed for the feds is the galaxy saucer seperation.

the feds can not use the cloak on the defiant.

NO other consoles that give an activatable power are allowed for either side.

deflectors/engines/shields- no set items of any kind, no fleet items of any kind.

no deployables of any kind for either side

the idea is to have fun using an appropriate era ship selection. please keep that in mind when selecting your bridge officer powers and duty officers.

remember! 1-20-2013 at 1pm est!

we'll meet at drozona space station in space.

cya there!'

after action-
Yes! good fun all around, and i would like to thank the pvp bootcamp for allowing us to gather up on their Teamspeak server. and of course much thanks to everyone who showed up to pew pew!

WARNING! the following videos are not edited and have language and star ship on star ship action that may not be viewable by younger people. also, there are cucumbers and bob.

videos may contain foul language, view discretion is advised.

round 3-

round 1-

round 2-

(sorry about the quality its the best i gots )

i look forward to seeing who shows up for next months "TNG wars!" date and time TBA
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Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
Science pvp at its best-
Do you even Science Bro?

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