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OMG /double_facepalm... /bangs_head_on_desk_over_PvP_ignorance

The De'drix ship is not OP. Real PvP'rs know that pets can be a big threat if not dealt with. First rule of PvP. Kill pets first. ITS A FRIGGIN NPC SHIP. Kill it an the threat is gone. Its not like it has a really short cooldown and it throws fleet support on a global cooldown...

GOD FORBID Cryptic just tells you to shut up, learn to play, learn to adapt, change your tactics , accept it AND STOP WHINING...

I guess Cryptic can't add anything to this game WITHOUT your input. As if your input is so important to the life of this game, only PvP.

STO PvP = The best drama/whine fest on the planet. Join now for your fun and enjoyment today! (If you're in to that kinda thing...)

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