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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
*chuckles* free... yeah, sure. You'll get a generic free variant for the anniversary, and two weeks later a superior upgraded version is gonna hit the C-Store or Fleet Shipyard.

It's f2p Cryptic, meaning that if it's free, then there's some kind of a catch (like, doing 25 races or paying lobi crystals for the breen ship, or getting an upgraded c-store variant like it was with the odyssey). So don't get your hopes up, because both the Ambassador and the KDF ship ARE going to be monetized one way or another.
I agree that the Breen ship wasn't as "free" as you'd believe from the word itself. However the free anniversary Odyssey and Bortas took what? 5 mins at max? That was free indeed.

And it is great. I still use the free Oddy. I find it is the best beam cruiser there is (of course, the C-Store variants are even better, but I just never needed them; I'll get the bundle on the next sale, if I have spare Zen).

Honestly I don't care if they'll put a better version in the C-Store (at least it should be account wide and useful for possible future toons) as long as I get a good enough ship for playing a mission.
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