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01-14-2013, 09:06 PM
I wasn't planning on incorporating the Defera Run with KAW but if thats what folks want then I'm all for it. I was thinking KAW was an annual thing that happend in the Spring or Summer. Last year it was in Aptil, I know this because I helped sponsor some of the events and prizes. Kaw2 was an unofficial event, that is we didnt get any help from Cryptic with any of it. Anyway regardless if KAW3 gets off the ground or not I would still like to make the Defera Run, dates Feb 14-16. Anyway I'm going to need some help getting the word out so please notify your Fleets that this will be happening and I will come up with and post a rough itinerary. I need help getting the word out because it seems the creator of my Fleet doesn't want anything to do with this event. Here's the link to last years Klingon Awareness Week, it will give you some idea on what we did.

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