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01-14-2013, 09:18 PM
Decided on the Vo'quv as my "what if..." choice. Not regretting it.

Slaver + B'rel for hangers
Aft; 2 Plasma turrets, 1 antiproton turret. (plan on making all 3 anti)
Fore; 1 antiproton beam (ship has free subsystem targeting), 1 Har'pengh and 1 tricobalt.

Doing o.k with just 1 lt cmdr tactical station, I got scatter volley for turrets and high yield 3 for the tricobalt. Damage output is far higher than what I do on my fed Tactical. Plus since the Vo'quv has a high shield multiplier, I have just over 12k in shields (Reman mk XI) and almost 48k in hull. Destroyed a Borg Cube in less than 12 seconds, myself included. Haven't got used to the drift the Vo'quv has, and the Hvy tricobalt has a bigger aoe blast than I thought it would.

An RCS console and she is pretty nimble. Science consoles buff my tractor beam/repulsors that my cmdr science station uses.

It's a nice ship, better than I thought it would be.