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01-14-2013, 08:18 PM
Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
It's not free, it took 1000 pictures of Q and many days of work. A Console through Childrens toys is not free either and it's tradeable even though most of the consoles earned there are also useless.

There's a problem here. The discription says it's tradeable but it also says it's bound to charactor AFTER YOU BUY IT. It's a bug and needs fixed. If I'd known it wasn't tradeable (even though the discription says it is) I'd never spent any time in Q's winter wonderland after getting the snowman fight grind out of the way. Now I'll have to discard a useless ship that I worked hard for.

If the discription says it's tradeable then it should be tradeable. That's false advertising to lure us into spending hours of our time grinding away. I'm a paying 1000+ day veteran and I'm a bit peeved over this.

Many of the other ships we earn are also boxed and tradeable.

This is clearly a lure to a grind.
It is free, you didn't pay a cent for it...