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01-14-2013, 08:52 PM
Maybe I should explain.

There's both groundwork in STO for Cardassia to join the Federation (it's only a few votes shy) and for it to plunge into civil war (secret True Way agents everywhere).

I think the gameplay driven answer is both.

It joins and immediately plunges into civil war.

This creates a situation where the Federation has to get involved. And if a prominent Klingon gets killed in the crossfire, it involves the Klingons.

You get a great little "Prime Directive" debate.

"We shouldn't get involved in their war."

"They're at war because we let them join the Federation."

You can always have True Way/Obsidian Order come out on top... Or not.

But it creates a compelling reason why the endgame action would shift to that front if, as I say, they join and before the ink is even dry, within minutes, they collapse into civil war and thousands die.