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Originally Posted by admiralah1 View Post
Hey thanks for the reply,

I've been running your build as a Klingon Engineer using a bird-of-prey variety. The PC Eng. shield buff skills help with survivability, although I sacrifice APA as a result of not being a Tac. Right now, I'm working on adapting the build to the Lifetime Subscriber Chimera ship, but I'm not quite there yet on my Fed Eng.
I guess I didn't consider the use of it in a BoP, especially by an engineer. I tried the B'Rel as an engineer, and it just felt strange. I always thought of BoP's as the ultimate escort ship, but something just felt off. I talked to other people who had been playing KDF for a while,and apparently it's heavily used by Sci characters because of it's universal slots and maneuvarability. There are plenty of dirty little tricks you can use in a B'Rel with it's advanced battle cloak. Staying cloaked while dropping Tricobalt mines, grav wells, warp plasma, etc. All of those things can be used while cloaked as long as it's not firing energy weapons.

I'll put together a BoP build too, that might be kind fun. On my tac, I've settled into my Guramba siege destroyer nicely, and have moved into the Chel'Grett on my engineer. I just keveled up a KDF Sci and am looking forward to using my Kar'Fi with it. The Kar'Fi worked fairly well with my engineer as well.