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01-14-2013, 09:11 PM
I love the Ambassador class.

The glowy white sensor dome, the domed bussard collectors, and the nacelles that seem kinda cylindrical (even though they really aren't) all remind me of the TOS Connie. The secondary hull, and the deflector, remind me of the movie Connie. Then there is the classic circular saucer.

It's supposed to be a halfway point between the Galaxy and Excelsior, but that's nonsense; might have been true for the original concept design, but not the final model. Aside from the ribbing on the neck, and the straight pylons, there is nothing of the Excelsior in this design. What it is is a Connie tribute dressed up in a TNG costume; and I, like many long time Star Trek fans of the day, saw it and thought 'That is SO COOL!'. It was a nostalgia trip even on its first appearance; never mind in STO.

So I love it, and I want one; always have. And since we already have the even older Excelsior in T5, I won't feel in the least bit like I'm flying a pointless obsolete relic; I'll just be flying a ship that, for me, represents two generations of Trek in a single tidy package.

I've been on a break from STO for a while; but I'm sure making a return for this.
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