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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
I would see it as something like: "Excuse me, sir, but there is a problem that we would like for you to assist us with".

That is totally believable. Also, there's the messenger aspect. If the Vorta is simply relaying instructions from the Great Link, well, hey, an order from the Greak Link is an order from the Great Link. It doesn't matter who the messenger is.
The problem with this aspect is two fold.

1) it is VERY species specific. While I would buy that approach for a founder, it would not work for any other species in the Dominion. The Dominion does not request things of its "vassal" species. It orders it. If the other factions are any indication, dialogue is very agnostic. it goes by the approach that whatever species you are, you get the same dialogue.

2) My understanding of the Great Link is that it is all incompassing of the Founders as a species. They don't really need messengers as far as other Founders, because the Founders never leave the Link, except for business the Link feels is important, and then They go RIGHT back to the Link. They aren't likely to remain away long enough to need a vorta messenger.