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01-14-2013, 09:23 PM
Well after extensive tests, defeats, victories, and turning people into scrap metal, I feel confident enough to post my finished Escort build.

First a bit of history about me: I originally hated Escorts due to my mental block of being unable to handle the extreme speeds I would be going, and I always sucked in one because of that, so I originally went to be a Tac Cruiser Pilot. The Fleet Excelsior was my baby, but then I decided on a whim (it's how many of my decision begin) to seriously try them out.

I looked through the lists and picked out one that many people don't even consider: a Saber (I'm the kind of guy that dares to be different). I know it has a bad rep due to the perceived notion of weak shields, but I like the looks of it. I purchased the Escort Retrofit and the Tier 2 Escort Refit to get the Gladius skin and kitted it out as a typical 4 DHC 3 Turret Escort. The first USS Xiphos was born.

After getting a feel for the ship, I decided to get serious with Escorts and purchased the Fleet Version of the Saber and it is now my Fed Tac Officer's ship.

My build for it was borrowed from many sources: this thread, a bit of a chat with Mavairo, and suggestions from OPVP. It was seriously tested against friends, fellow PVP'ers, and even NPCS. It has evolved into my favorite ship of all time.

I present to you the specs for my Escort:

Name: USS Xiphos NCC-93189-A
Ship Class: Fleet Saber Retrofit
Role: Destroyer


Front: 3 Dual Heavy Cannons, 1 Dual Beam Bank (I chose Phaser, but any weapon will work.)
Aft: 3 Turrets (Again Phasers, and many would be curious on the lone aft Beam, the answer will come)

Deflector: Aegis
Engine: Aegis
Shields: Maco MK XI

Items: Aux Batteries, Subspace Field Modulator


Engineering: 2 RCS Accelerators, Zero Point console, Assimilated Console
Science: 2 Field Generators MK XI
Tac: 4 energy damage consoles (my case, phaser)


Commander Tac: TT1, APD1, CRF2, APO3
LTC Tac: TT1, BO2, CRF2
Lieutenant Engineering: EPTS1, RSP1
Ensign Engineering: EPTW1
Lieutenant Science: TSS1, HE2


2 Conn Officers (Purple)- Reduces Attack Pattern Omega, Beta, and Delta Cooldown
3 Damage Control Engineers (2 Purple, 1 Green)- Reduce Emergancy Power to X cooldowns

Power Settings:

Weapons: 125/100
Shields: 44/25
Engines: 66/50
Aux: 44/25

This is not your typical 4 DHC, 3 Turret Build. I thank Drunk for the strategy he suggests: do what Escorts do best, Speed Tank until you have GDF nice and buffed (50% is a good cutoff point) then buffed yourself up, activate RSP, and destroy your enemy with one powerful Alpha. Timed right, this build can destroy just about anything, from the smallest escort to the largest cruiser.

For gaps in APO, rely on APD, TSS, HE, and RSP to keep this little ship alive.

This build could work on more than just the Fleet Saber. A Patrol or Fleet Patrol Escort can use this build, the Somraw, Fleet Somraw, Fleet Qin, or Mirror Qin can use the build as well, and they can be even more lethal due to their cloaks. Other escorts either don't have the required Engineering Slots or don't have the required Tactical Slots.

I will post my skill layout in a later post.

Edit: Due to Drunk's Suggestions, I retooled the USS Xiphos and replaced one DHC with a Dual Beam Bank and replaced the array with a Turret. Then Drunk was kind enough to help me test it out. Simply put, the Dual Beam Bank, even with BO2, outdamages my previous build. I made the changes to reflect this.

As Drunk put it, 4 DHC's are not viable in Season 7 due to ridiculous shield healing. You need what I consider a shield cracker to open a hole in your opponents defenses and destroy their hull quickly. Some people choose 3 DHC's and a Torpedo for that job, I chose to not invest points in Torpedo skills and went with pure energy.

Edit 2: Replaced Borg with Aegis 2 Piece. Will be tinkering with the idea of MACO Shield and Deflector with Aegis Engines.

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