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01-14-2013, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by toiva View Post
I agree that the Breen ship wasn't as "free" as you'd believe from the word itself. However the free anniversary Odyssey and Bortas took what? 5 mins at max? That was free indeed.
And that 5 minutes included if you had to stop for a restroom break inbetween. Seriously, that was the easiest cakewalk of a mission I have ever seen.

And what do you expect. You (well not the person I am quoting, but the person they are replying to) act like Cryptic making money is some sinister thing. It is a business, It has to make money or it closes its doors and no more STO.

From what I remember of the free Oddyssey, it was a good ship, but no bells and whistles. OK stats for what it was, ok BOFF lay out, and no special consoles. And everyone at the time pretty much knew there was going to be a C-store variant, just like now with the Ambassador.