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01-14-2013, 11:03 PM
Just wanted to touch base on this again,

The default look of the adapted ground set "maco' for both men and female are both different. For the men the chest piece is wrong, its not even the adapted chest piece as with the female set has on. So that needs to be fixed.

Also On the Default settings the suit comes "entirely" in the blue glow all over the armor, this needs to get hooked up to the customization for the set itself so we can select that color blue, as with (mentioned before) other colors as we so choose. The Helmet on the adapted set also "default mode" is a more shiney blue color, which you cant select in the customization options.. this again needs to be hooked up so we can have that option.

Me thinks this set was abit rushed and not alot of detail payed attention to it... please fix this, and allow us all the options that it should get that have been listed in this thread. Thnx
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