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01-14-2013, 11:03 PM
Originally Posted by ragestroke008 View Post
The t.v series may not have been about combat, but this game is. If you like the old designs, fine, but this game is set in Trek's future. Can you imagine how well Enterprise A would fare against the Undine? Logic dictates more futuristic designs, not less.
The first excelsior class ships were produced around the same time the Constitution class was first refitted. The refitted excelsior class ships were as powerful if not more powerful than the Defiant class ships.

And the Defiant class ships were not the most powerful in the federation, but they certainly were very useful against the Dominion and the Borg, so if the Excelsior can be upgraded to be similarly useful, why not the Constitution?

People want to fly them, so use your imagination. It is easier to believe than the plot of the last Star Trek movie.